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Regardless of the various achievements, distinctions, titles, and trophies I’ve earned in my lifetime, the fact remains that I, just like you, am simply a human being.  The reason I have been able to focus on what I want in life and manifest it into reality, is the way I have used my Basic Instructions as it pertained to my chosen endeavor.

The good news is, that all humans have these same Basic Instructions, including you.

My purpose in life is to create a generation of adults world wide, that understand the power of their own human mind and who take control of their life experience by following their Basic Instructions and helping others to use theirs. I want to help you do this.

My mission as an executive life coach and NLP coach is to help you to do just that.

As a coach, the way that I help you create the life you desire, using the Basic Instructions philosophy, is very much like a GPS system: You decided what you want to manifest in your life, setting the destination.

As your coach and GPS it is my responsibility guide you from where you are at this moment , to the destination you set, your future that includes all the achieved goals, deepest desires, and riches you wish to create in your life. That is what I Do.

And like a GPS system, if you get off track, I will re-route you and get you back on course to your destination, doing everything in my abilities as a NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist, and Super Bowl Champion, to get you there as fast as possible.

I am your GPS, but because we activating YOUR Basic Instructions…YOU are the driver, the master of this adventure you are about to embark on…the journey toward the life you’ve always wanted

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