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Are you ever curious about how your favorite sports superstars think? Why are they so incredible? How do they consistently perform at such a high level? Its all about your mindset…

With my experience using my Basic Instructions, I’ve had a front row seat to witness some of the greatest in the sports and how they do it, I know why they are the best. They’ve applied their own Basic Instructions to achieve greatness. 

Playing Big Ten and NFL Football, winning championships in both, I’ve had the privilege of working along side some incredible men, observing the secrets of how these men do what they do. 

Here are some of the men that I’ve had the privilege of calling my Teammates:

Drew Brees-11x NFL Pro Bowler, 2x NFL Offensive POY, NFL All Time Leading Passer, Super Bowl MVP

Jerome Bettis-#7 NFL All Time Leading Rusher, 6x NFL Pro Bowler, Pro Football Hall of Fame

Kurt Warner-4x NFL Pro Bowler, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Super Bowl Champion

Troy Polumalu-8x NFL Pro Bowler, 2x Super Bowl Champion, NFL Defensive POY

James Harrrison-5x NFL Pro Bowler, 2x Super Bowl Champion, NFL Defensive POY

Ben Roethlisberger-6x Pro Bowler, NFL Offensive ROY, #7 NFL All time leading passer, 2x Super Bowl Champion

Hines Ward-4x NFL Pro Bowler, 2x Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP

Alan Faneca-9x Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion

Matt Light-2x NFL Pro Bowler, 3x Super Bowl Champion

Think about it, who wouldn’t want to have the kind of athletic success these guys have?

Working with my Basic Instructions NLP Champion Mindset Coaching System, I share with you these secrets. I coach you to reach the Super Bowl levels of success in your own life and career: in business, athletics, and entrepreneurship.

As a coach, the way that I help you create the life you desire, using the Basic Instructions philosophy, is very much like a GPS system: You decide what you want to manifest in your life, setting the destination.

As your coach and GPS, I guide you from where you are at this moment in your professional journey, to the destination you set, your future that includes all the achieved goals, deepest desires, and riches you wish to create in your life. 

And like a GPS system, if you get off track, I will re-route you and get you back on course to your destination, doing everything within my abilities as your NLP Mindset Coach to get you there as quickly and easily as possible.

I am your GPS, but because we’re activating YOUR Basic Instructions…YOU are the driver, the master of this adventure you are about to embark on…the journey towards the life you’ve always wanted.

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