Success is Simple... If you know the Basic Instructions

Keynote Speaking

Super Bowl Champion Chukky Okobi is a unique motivational speaker, bringing the same passion that he brought during his Steelers days. Using his expertise as a Master Practitioner of NLP, he motivates your audience and helps them realize the power within them. Through story and metaphor, Chukky entertains your audience with stories from his life about the days when he made his dreams a reality, educates them on the 4 Basic Instructions that he followed to create his desired reality,  and teaches audiences that they do have the power within themselves to make all the positive changes in their lives that they desire and create the high level performance they want achieve in their career.

Having played in the Rose Bowl® and the Super Bowl, as well as being a member of Screen Actors Guild, being on stage, on camera, and in front of people is Chukky’s comfort zone. Sharing his experiences as a college and Super Bowl Champion football player, as an entertainer, and as a successful entrepreneur, he shares how he harnessed the power of his Basic Instructions to achieve success in sports, business, and life.


Success is Simple… If you know the Basic Instructions.

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