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I can tell you, but until you experience it… I’m a true believer now, now I know you dont have to live with anxiety and those negative emotions. School doesn’t teach us this, our parents didn’t teach us this. A lot of coaches talk about transformation, this is a REAL transformation experience

Ruth Wilson

International Empowerment Coach, Guyana, South America

100% I think everyone is the world needs this, I wish I would have known this forever ago. I wanted to leave the corporate world and start my own business, I tried to and failed several times. And I wanted to be able to create success consistently, not just once. 

I knew the only thing holding me back was myself and fear. With MER® there was so much more that I was able to let go of that I didnt even know was there…

Anything is Possible For Me Now!

Miro Heyink

CEO & Founder, Manifest X

Dave Goodall

Justin Richards

Miro Heyink

Kristen Westbrook

Matthew Borie

Angela Kreps

Ruth Wilson

Mary Redmond

Fear-filled, thats how I was living. I had this phobia since I was a little girl, I thought this fear was a part of my baggage for my whole life. Now I have the tools to erase the deep fears attached to the past. And so quickly after we had our session I had to put my fear to the test, I was all alone and I realized that I was not dependent on someone else to rescue me. I was alone, I was doing it all by myself, and I was ok. If you’re facing fears, things that have held you back for so long…That are stopping you from doing what you want to do in life or to be who you want to be, you hav to try this. Chukky is so easy and comfortable to work with. Basic Instructions works, no matter how big or small your fears are.

Mary A. Redmond

Negotiation Expert, Speaker, and Author,

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